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thinking about a preset giveaway thingy

2017-01-19 11:23:46 by GobSmacked

Hey guys its me, GooBoy, as slimy as always. Since Im approaching 30 fans pretty fast Im thinking about giving away some of my Dubstep and Glicth Hop presets I use in my tracks (obviously made by myself). Lately Ive been gaining fans rapidly and I think its time for saying thanks. Just a few months ago I had four fans and now already 26. It might seem like its not much but 30 fans is quite an acheivement for me kek especially here on Newgrounds. It will be just a small patch and preset giveaway with around 10 patches or so. Does anyone have special wishes and wants a preset of one of my latest tracks? Just comment it bellow.

ya Boi, Goobibae!


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