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Slime Pack Vol.1 out now !!! (Serum Presets)

2017-02-11 11:15:00 by GobSmacked

Slime Pack Volume 1 Out now!!!1!!1!ELEVEN!!!!

Thanks for the support I really appreciate everyone who follows me on here. Now Im presenting to you my first Serum Preset pack. 11 unique dubstep/glitch hop patches that will help you out when you get started with Serum. Its completely free and you can use these however you want! There are also some patches from my own songs like "aw hell yeah". Thank you so much for the 30 follows (comic sans in the cover for much comedic effect kek).

 Download link:


Have fun with it and show me the tracks you made with this if you want to!





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2017-02-12 23:59:34

Dope presets i will use them in a track :D

GobSmacked responds:

ayyy nice mang. Link me the song when its done :D


2017-02-18 09:22:31

thank you :D

GobSmacked responds:

np. enjoy the pack mang!