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No Chill EP release!!!!

2017-04-27 15:02:46 by GobSmacked

I`m happily presenting to you my first ever EP "No Chill". Go check it out and leave a review there kek! 5409659_149331975251_59d430d8-a4c1-49ee-8d29-8e251000d978.jpg

Nuka Goo release!

2017-03-01 15:10:39 by GobSmacked

Get the fresh and juicy "Nuka Goo". It will "pomp ur moosclis". Get ready guys. (Cover by me and ya Boi Ravitex)5409659_148839897853_gooby.png

Promotion from Ravitex

2017-02-12 07:45:26 by GobSmacked

Hey guys!

Raviboi made a drop using my preset pack. You should really check it out!


Go support him and leave a like there he really deserves it!!!


- GooBae

Slime Pack Volume 1 Out now!!!1!!1!ELEVEN!!!!

Thanks for the support I really appreciate everyone who follows me on here. Now Im presenting to you my first Serum Preset pack. 11 unique dubstep/glitch hop patches that will help you out when you get started with Serum. Its completely free and you can use these however you want! There are also some patches from my own songs like "aw hell yeah". Thank you so much for the 30 follows (comic sans in the cover for much comedic effect kek).

 Download link:


Have fun with it and show me the tracks you made with this if you want to!




Hey guys its me, GooBoy, as slimy as always. Since Im approaching 30 fans pretty fast Im thinking about giving away some of my Dubstep and Glicth Hop presets I use in my tracks (obviously made by myself). Lately Ive been gaining fans rapidly and I think its time for saying thanks. Just a few months ago I had four fans and now already 26. It might seem like its not much but 30 fans is quite an acheivement for me kek especially here on Newgrounds. It will be just a small patch and preset giveaway with around 10 patches or so. Does anyone have special wishes and wants a preset of one of my latest tracks? Just comment it bellow.

ya Boi, Goobibae!

merry xmas

2016-12-24 08:15:10 by GobSmacked

Merry Xmas yall. Have a nice day with ur family and friends!

New Tune in a few minutes

2016-12-18 07:06:06 by GobSmacked

My new Tune will be released in a few minutes so stay tuned and get ready for some heavy dubstep.

new tune

2016-12-13 13:01:45 by GobSmacked

some dank stuff is coming 8)

Genres and stuff

2016-11-25 11:13:20 by GobSmacked

Yo you guys wanna hear a trappy song by me? It aint that good but its ok. Or should my next project be a pure dubstep song. (kinda cant decide now)

One Year anniversary!

2016-11-23 16:18:56 by GobSmacked

I make music since one year now. 

In conclusion the only thing that ha changed is my weight "eks de".

Looking forward to another year! And another one! And another one! ANNND A.... you get the idea.

Thanks to everyone who supports me you guys are literally Fam for me!

sincerly, your fat bitchboi