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21 year old physics student with a passion for electronic music, chess and maths. Hope you enjoy my silly noises as much as I do!
- Noah

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GobSmacked's News

Posted by GobSmacked - December 18th, 2016

My new Tune will be released in a few minutes so stay tuned and get ready for some heavy dubstep.

Posted by GobSmacked - December 13th, 2016

some dank stuff is coming 8)

Posted by GobSmacked - November 25th, 2016

Yo you guys wanna hear a trappy song by me? It aint that good but its ok. Or should my next project be a pure dubstep song. (kinda cant decide now)

Posted by GobSmacked - November 23rd, 2016

I make music since one year now. 

In conclusion the only thing that ha changed is my weight "eks de".

Looking forward to another year! And another one! And another one! ANNND A.... you get the idea.

Thanks to everyone who supports me you guys are literally Fam for me!

sincerly, your fat bitchboi


Posted by GobSmacked - November 5th, 2016

Anyone feeling like making a new logo for me? Id credit you ofc and idk what else to offer. id just really appreciate it cuz i dont really know how to make one .-.

Posted by GobSmacked - October 31st, 2016

Gonna do VIP mix of "Make my day". It was one of my first songs and I feel like its pretty damn good so Ill polish it a bit and make the drop more powerful and intresting. And also sorry for not publishing the other project by now. Its a collab and we both have been working on it but its not done yet. Ill try to release the VIP mix asap!

- GebSmucket! 8)

Posted by GobSmacked - October 28th, 2016

So lately Ive been improving on sound designing and mixing. A song is planned to be released around ~Halloween (hopefully Idk exactly how long Ill need to finish it). Stay tuned guys! I hope you like it as much as I do!


Posted by GobSmacked - October 6th, 2016

yeah fam u heared right im back. idk some songs r planned and currently made so stay tuned.


Posted by GobSmacked - June 23rd, 2016

If you enjoy the... lets call it music... Im making please check out Visceral Sounds. He is amazing and deserves way more attention. 

Posted by GobSmacked - April 30th, 2016

Hey, Gobsmacked here!

I have been working on my dubstep producing skills and I think I am getting better.

Next song is a slightly bigger and complex project. I might be able to finish it today but whatever.

Hope you guys have nice weekend. ;D