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Alright this is pretty epic. Great work!

The intro is really cool and I love everything about it. But the build up is a little lackluster. The chords in the drop are too loud which is a bit jarring, it makes it sound very unbalanced. Turn them down a little that should work wonders. The small growl fills are cool, good job. Finish this with a better mix and youll have a BANGER.

AstroGalaxy responds:

Thanks so much for the review and feedback!!! I can't believe you made a review on this I'm really happy.

I'll take the feedback the best I can :)

Hey thats really cool!
The only thing I wasnt really liking was the mix. Its pretty muddy and some things clip. But nothing a few EQs and some compression couldnt fix, I think.

Mind blowing sound design and great atmossphere. I truely stumbled upon a gem. Great work, keep it up!

Montron responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :) Have a great week! Happy Halloween!

sounds pretty cute! the mix is a bit weird, but other than that, very enjoyable! good job and keep at it!

Outstanding! I dig it tbh, cool second drop, the sounddesign is crisp af. Keep at it, man! 4.5 due to a messy mix at times, try to improve on that. Also the sounddesign in the first drop was kinda generic and a bit lame but whatever.

hmmmm the idea is cool man, but the mix is horrible. Way to much highs, which turn me off alot and it sounds super overcompressed. And the melody is somewhat repetative. I know you can do better! Keep at it man!

Falsesouth responds:

It's actually mixed fine, believe it or not. It's the placement of the limiter and the ridiculous gain boost on the master. That "corrupted" the mix XD

Perhaps I could fix it and re-upload it, but I think releasing new pieces of greater quality is always a better approach.

I fixed that for newer projects that I intend to release soon. Newgrounds getting me back on track with feedback is always awesome.

Thanks for the review!

Really cool! I enjoy it. So fast paced and energetic! Tho it kinda gets repetative pretty quickly and there are some things in the mix i dont particularly enjoy. Keep it up! :D

I like this, but the arrangement could be better and less repetative. Also the sounddesign sounds weak at some parts. Best of luck in the competition!

VorticityMusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)

uuhhh dang thats a crazy good submission in nates comp! Good luck! And keep up the amazing work.
There are some minor details I'm not to fond off. Like the drum samples aren't really appealing, atleast to me. Also the choir sounds a bit cheap. I like the piece itself tho!

Montron responds:

Thank you for your review. :)

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